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Resolving the gun rights/gun control dichotomy

I'm a gun owner and former member of the National Rifle Association, the nation's largest gun lobby. In 2003 when I ran, unsuccessfully, for state senate in New Jersey's 39th legislative district, the NRA gave me a B+ rating, an unusually high grade for a Democrat. I later resigned my membership over disgusting remarks made by rock star Ted Nugent, who sits on the NRA's board of directors.

At a 2007 concert, Nugent described presidential candidate Barack Obama as a piece of excrement, using the vulgar four-letter term. Obama can "suck on my machine gun," he said. Candidate Hillary Clinton was dismissed as a "worthless bitch." During the 2012 campaign, Nugent said publicly that if Obama was reelected, "I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year," prompting a Secret Service investigation.

Celebrities engaging in over-the-top political commentary is nothing new and, judging from the spate of anti-Trump tirades by Hollywood-types, à la Kathy Griffin, it may be a growing phenomenon. But hope for a more civilized discourse, at least as it relates to the gun issue, recently sprang from an unlikely source: rock star and, apparently, reformed provocateur Ted Nugent.  Read More 
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