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Good Lawyer, Dead Lawyer: A Novel

Here is a brief excerpt from Good Lawyer, Dead Lawyer.

News Story, Franklin Evening Standard

Cambridge County Jurist is Latest Victim of Lawyer Killer

Just one day after another lawyer killing shocked the public, an earlier victim has been discovered. The badly decomposed body of Judge Vernon Duke, who was facing charges that he sexually harassed his female law clerk, was found late yesterday in his secluded Cambridge County home. Police were summoned after paper boy Johnny Berkowitz noticed a strong odor emanating from the Duke residence.
“It stunk pretty bad,” young Johnny related, “kinda like when my hamster got loose and died in the wall of our house, only worse. I know the papers were piling up outside, but I thought the judge was away on vacation,” the paper boy said.
Police at the scene speculated that Duke had been dead about three weeks. He had been shot once in the back of the head at close range.