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Cent'Anni: The Sinatra Legend at 100

As a boy, Frank Sinatra most likely rode the wooden Cyclone roller coaster at Palisades Amusement Park in Fort Lee and Cliffside Park—his mother was a political force in Hoboken and got him and his friends free passes. The ride started off with a slow climb to the heights, followed by a deep plunge and then a series of ups and downs, jerks and twists—some that riders could anticipate, others that they couldn't—until finally rolling out to a full stop. The Cyclone would be a wonderful metaphor for the life and career of Frank Sinatra, except that many of Sinatra's downs, jerks and twists were of his own making. The ups were of his own making, too, built upon incomparable talent and an attitude that was pure, unadulterated Jersey boy. "Cent' Anni: The Sinatra Legend at 100" tells that story from a unique perspective. Author Richard Muti is a former career prosecutor, trained in uncovering evidence, analyzing it, making reasonable and logical judgments from it, and then laying it all out in a compelling narrative for juries. He does the same for readers in this, his sixth book.

Essays for my Father: A legacy of passion, politics, and patriotism in small-town America

Essays for my Father is a collection of essays about Gov. Chris Christie and New Jersey politics, national politics, unnecessary wars, rare displays of political courage, not-so-rare displays of political cowardice, an Italian-American heritage shared by 17 million Americans, and other public policy issues that challenge state and federal government.

A Tale of Two Christies

Gov. Christie, whom the author has dubbed "The New Colossus of Trenton," not for his physical size but for the way he has dominated national as well as New Jersey politics, has a whole section of this book devoted to him and his in-your-face style of government. But no politician, regardless of political party, or government policy is safe from the author's scrutiny. Those mired in the usual hypocrisy of the public arena are particular targets. Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, the National Rifle Association and the Tea Party get special attention, but so do liberals beholden to special interest groups on the Left.

The Charmer: The True Story of Robert Reldan--Rapist, Murderer, and Millionaire--and the Women who Fell Victim to his Allure

"The Charmer is an absolutely fascinating true crime story that expertly captures the sights, sounds and feel of a gritty homicide investigation, as well as the pulsating essence of a major murder trial. I highly recommend this book."
–Vincent Bugliosi, prosecutor of Charles Manson and author of Helter Skelter

Passion, Politics and Patriotism in Small-Town America: Confessions of a plain-talking, independent Mayor

Muti writes with clarity, passion, and humor on wide-ranging subjects, including his Italian-American heritage, his love of history and of his hometown, and his disdain for today's prevalent breed of politician—a pusillanimous bunch, far too partisan and too concerned with reelection than with fixing the systemic problems facing government.

Good Lawyer, Dead Lawyer: A Novel

Someone is killing lawyers in Franklin and Cambridge Counties, New Jersey, and no one seems particularly upset about it. (Except the lawyers, of course.)